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Pirova Rena Nizamievna, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of state law disciplines, Dagestan State University of National Economy (5, Atayeva street, Makhachkala, Russia), E-mail:

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Background. The topic of the study is relevant due to the fact that at the present stage, one of the most important geopolitical tasks of Russia is to strengthen the political and economic influence in the Caspian region. In this situation, the historical experience of the past, associated with the study and understanding of the various issues of cooperation of entrepreneurs from the countries of the Caspian region in the period of the Russian Empire, may be required in the formation of the modern variants of mutually beneficial trade relations between Azerbaijan, Iran and other countries on the one hand, and Russia on the other. The purpose of the work is to analyze and characterize the role of the Persian-Azerbaijani merchant class in the case of the opening of the permanent fair in Astrakhan in 1884–1886.
Materials and methods. The realization of the research tasks was achieved as a result of the analysis of unpublished and published sources. Also the author critically comprehended the scientific literature available on the matter published during the Soviet and post-Soviet periods. The methodological basis is the principles of historicism and objectivity. Methods of analysis and synthesis, comparative-historical are used.
Results. The historical attempt of creation of fair in the city of Astrakhan in 1880th, the reasons of interest in it of the Azerbaijani-Persian origin merchant class and the reasons which didn’t lead to realization of this project is investigated.
Conclusions. The Persian-Azerbaijani community in Astrakhan, represented by the wealthiest part of It – merchant class of the first and second guilds, was most interested in the Foundation of the annual fair in Astrakhan in the 1880s. Its Foundation would greatly contribute to the development of trade in this category of Astrakhan entrepreneurs interested in the formation of the wholesale market in the Lower Volga region for the implementation of imported from Persia. But due to the low interest in the implementation of the project of other population groups and the competition of the Baku fair, the permanent fair has never been opened. 

Key words

fair, Astrakhan province, foreign trade, domestic trade, Persian merchant class, Russian-Asian trade 


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